Roland Becker

“It’s all been done before… Just not by Anyone Else”
A lifetime of passion for sports and sharing it with others
Dip Phys Ed, B.Ed, M.Ed Studies
Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Psych. Motor Skill Acquisition. Biomechanics, Kinesiology. Sociology of Recreation

Life Track
Born and lived in Germany 12 yrs, Australia 30, USA 12, Taiwan 2, and Thailand 10 years. Competitive Play in 15+ Sports. Personal Coach Skiing, Golf, Tennis, Rowing and Sailing. Founder, Conception, Inventor and CEO of National and Int. Programs and Products – for example

Active Lifestyle – Life – Be in it
Took Fitness from Fail to Fashion. UNESCO Presentation to 126 Nations. Basis for National Active
Lifestyle Programs. First Aussie Ads on US TV. Australian National Fitness Campaign

Consumer Attitude – Advance Australia
Unprecedented change in Consumer Attitude and Purchasing Patterns. 10,000 Non-Exclusive and 42 Exclusive Licensees. Total Revenue: $15 mil pa. National “Made in Australia” Campaign

Consumer Appeal – AVIVA Sports Inc
Within 2 yrs, Mattel Inc Sales in 23 Nations equivalent to US$1 Billion Retail Sales, despite Limited Product Range, No Ads, No PR. Endorsement by 3 Wimbledon Champs, Socceroo Goalie, US Baseball Legend. Australian SportToys Personal Start-up. Sportplay Foundation Proof of Concept